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The Founding Partners
Paul Aitken
President of Dalworth Machine Products, Inc.
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DALWORTH MACHINE PRODUCTS, INC is family-owned and operated right here in Fort Worth, TX. Since our company opened in 1979, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products, but we deliver good old fashioned  service with a personal touch. Your orders are handled as though they are the only order and if there ever is a problem you can rest assured it will be corrected quickly and to your satisfaction. With our many years in this business, you know that we have the experience to help you achieve your goals without waisting valuable time and money. 
Dalworth Machine Products was founded by Darryl Young and Gregg Ipock.
Darryl Young has extensive knowledge in slurry seals and all type of emulsions beginning when he was old enough to walk. Darryl came from a family well known in the asphalt industry for revolutionary processes and modern equipment designs, the Young Brothers. Darryl installed an emulsion system in 1967, utilizing a medium shear, high production TECHTONIC’S floating stator colloid mill which had a series of mechanical problems. Darryl turned to his close friend, Gregg Ipock, who was working as a machinist, to make this poorly designed mill better. Darryl’s father, Clarence Young seeing the potential, offer to back them to start a company. In 1975 Dalworth Machine Products was started and the rest is history.

Dalworth was incorporated in 1982 when the first mill was designed, a smaller MP-4 mill floating stator medium shear type mill was sold. Later the current design fixed stator, high shear mills were developed to meet the demands of modified asphalt products. The first was the 50hp MP-4S mill in 1987. This was the first mill built by Paul Aitken, just a young machinist working from Gregg’s sketches on a note pad for blueprints. Later the MP-10S model was developed in 1988. These two mills were also modified to blend polymer asphalt into a concentrate that then could be cut back to yield four times their production rate. This PMA could be used as is for base products or to make a modified asphalt emulsion. 
Finally the 300hp CM-9S blending mill was developed in 1989 to be the BIG HOSS of blending asphalt. Complete emulsion systems have been designed and built since the late 70's. The complete polymer blending systems have been manufactured since the late 80's utilizing their unique "one pass process". Now we offer a TOTAL PACKAGE COMBINATION UNIT that can do both processes with one unit.
Darryl Young's asphalt experience combined with Gregg Ipock's mechanical experience and Paul Aitken’s precision machinist nature, have led to several innovative designs known around the industry for our mills and asphalt processing. These improvements are prevalent on all of their equipment even to this day!!!!

Paul started working for Gregg & Darryl in 1987 as a machinist. Soon after he started building Asphalt mills and Asphalt units as the business grew. In the mid 1990's Paul started adding design improvements as it was clear from the customers feed back what was needed. Eventually building great relationships with our customers and progressed into sales. Even with other duties, Paul never stopped building the mills for our customers. If you ran a Dalworth mill or system between 1987 and 2016, it was built by PAUL AITKEN.
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